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Vermont Castings Repair Parts

Vermont Castings Grill Parts

Buy Vermont Castings repair parts and get that old grill cooking like new!

You are sure to find Vermont Castings BBQ grills all over the world. These barbecues models are tried and true to be trusted for so many grill lovers. Vermont Castings grill parts are easy to replace and install for all of their models. Find common wear parts like grill burners, heat plates, drip grease trays and cooking grids that can be changed out in just minutes. Another popular grill repair part is the push button ignitors and the wired electrodes needed to spark and start your BBQ.

The overall appearance and health of the internal components of your barbecue help you keep your grill cooking hot like the first day you bought it. Need help selecting and finding the correct parts for your signature series model? Call in now to speak with one of our technicians to find out all about the full list of parts you should consider getting this grilling season.

Vermont Castings Wood Stoves

Keep your Vermont Castings fireplace and wood stoves burning hot to stay warm!

There is nothing better than heating your home with a reliable and efficient Vermont Castings wood stove. There is nothing worse than getting ready for the heating season only to find out your stove model needs a repair part to let it function properly to heat your home. We feature a wide array of available Vermont castings stove repair parts to change out the defect or worn items on your model to get it running like new again. Cleaning it properly each time after use and even a weekly inspection of the mechanical parts is always a good idea to ensure the longevity of your home heating products.

Home Owner Note: The Defiant, Dutchwest and Vigilant stove models are some of the most widely found models in peoples homes across America. We are sure to have the right parts you need and when you want to have them.

The Vermont Castings History

When you think of a Vermont Castings Barbecue, Fireplace or wood stove think passion, craftsmanship and pride. Built along the vibrant hills and silver waters of the Green Mountain State there is one thing to consider, Vermont Castings denotes the promise of American craftsmanship built the way a home heating product should be. As a manufacturer there is no detail is too small or element of the product design that is insignificant. Vermont Castings is the true definition craftsmanship.

Way back in 1975 Duncan Syme came up with an idea that could help his friends keep their homes warm all winter long in the face of rising energy costs. With the help of Murray Howell, they both knew of the opportunity for a well-planed venture. Vermont Castings was started in a drafty woodshed in the foothills of rural Vermont and they built the very first wood-burning stove now named the Defiant wood stove we all know today.

With Vermont Castings rapidly became a household name, the homegrown product made mass appeal, and the promise of quality and well designed products above all else quickly made Vermont Castings America’s wood stove brand to ask for by name. They soon moved to their new manufacturing plant in Randolph, Vermont in 1979. This complete working foundry brought together workers from all over the globe and artisans into every step of the production process. Together they made the stoves with complete attention to detail. The end result is the stoves Vermont Castings is known for today and an aesthetic that stands the true test of time.

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